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what has been the lifespan of your prefolds?

I started out back in 2005 with the old style infant, regular, and premium prefolds. I also bought some GMD red's in 2007. The older stash will make it through to this new baby (4th in cloth) though I think the infant size will go to the rag pile after that. (they have been used/washed the most as I've also used them in pockets) The regulars are still in perfect condtion and the premiums are just starting to show wear. My GMD red's (toddler currently uses them) will not make it to the next baby as they are starting to shred.

I just find it interesting how the different prefolds have aged differently. My laundry habits have been about the same. The regulars that still look so nice are Indian prefolds. The others are Chinese. (not sure where GMD diapers are made)
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