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pain beyond anything

Hi all, I need advice so much.

2 years I was forced to give my daughter up for adoption. I was in an abusive relationship, and my daughters father did not want hher. He tried to cause miscarriages, tried to force me into an abortion clinic and finally settled on adoption. I found a family I liked they seemed perfect. We drew up an adoption contract that stipulated that if they changes their minds about the adoption I would have the ability to adopt my daughter back. I was not represented by an attorney, I wanted one but the adoptive parents told me that theirs could represent us both and that would save money for them taking care of Ella.

I terminated once then 10 days later got a call from the adoptive parents saying I had to terminate again. I asked them if we could come together and talk out the adoption, they said no, they were in Houston TX and I was in San Marcos TX they were on their way back to their state and weren't coming back. My ex then literally carried me into a ups store to sign documents that I don't know what they said to this day.

I carried my grief for these years convinced that it was ok for my daughter even though what happened to me was wrong I kept in contact with the adoptive mom and even got to visit. Then 3 weeks ago I heard through other ppl that the adoptive family had given her away without telling me. They had been investigated for neglect and abuse by CPA and all of my daughters symptoms appear to reflect abuse. I don't know where my daughter is, if she's ok or if I will ever see her again. I can never forgive myself for what I've done to my poor little girl.

What do I do?
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