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Re: If Your Fridge Was Broken What would You Eat?

Peanut butter & banana sandwiches for the kids.
I'd use powdered milk for baking. I'd make lots of baked goods. Rolls, muffins, etc because they don't require a fridge for storage.
Salad with an oil/vinegar based dressing that is made at home. I might used can tuna or can salmon as the meat if making the salad a meal.
Potato casseroles with cream of mushroom soup from a can & can veggies (like green beans)... This is good if you have hashbrowns/tater tots in the freezer to use up.
Crock pot soups... Just leave it on low in the crockpot till it is gone. (So have it for lunch and dinner!)

Things that do not require a fridge:
Peanut butter
Baked goods (breads, muffins, cookies, granola bars)
Powdered milk (Shelf stable milk too if used quickly after opening. These come individual & quart sizes. )
Individual juice boxes
Hot sauce like Tabasco
Yellow mustard (Plain... some of the deli types do require it of they have lots of stuff added but plain yellow is fine)

Just think your Great Great Grandmas never had a fridge and they managed! You can do it for a week!
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