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Re: why are people always telling me that boys are "easier" than girls?

I have 3 boys and I raised my neice! I definitely believe boys are easier!!! I prayed for all boys and if I have another I would really hope for a boy too. I'd take a girl of course and love her dearly... but be scared to death of her as well hehe! girls are just scary and high maintinence! My neice just about broke the bank on SHOES. She would sob crocodile tears if you even suggested that she wear the same pair of shoes twice in the same week (and I have NO IDEA where that came from because I was always a total tomboy and at the time she was like that I only owned 2 pair of shoes myself). Her hair had to be PERFECT all the time and it was kinky curly and took a LOOOOONG time to do anything with. She was dramatic and tearful over the smallest of things and extremely manipulative (ie: "I just won't love you anymore, I will go back to live with my real mama!").
And there are all the crazy accessories for girls matching hairbows, bloomers for under dresses, tights/stockings, etc...
AND most of all the constant fear of someone getting their hands on them! (I know that there are people out there that do things to boys too, but it just seems to happen to girls more often!)

Boys may be a little rough and rowdy but I will always believe they are truly easier both on the emotions AND the pocket book
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