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Re: Interesting information regarding LATCH

Originally Posted by 4boys1girlforme View Post
Great just another thing to deter extended 5 point harnessing!

Originally Posted by aaiya View Post
Why would it deter extended harnessing? Installing with a seatbelt isn't THAT hard.

Originally Posted by 4boys1girlforme View Post
Some seat/vehicle combos are harder than others to properly seat belt install.
Plus I've had LATCH vehicles so long that I've lost my seat belt install skills.
I've always installed all our seats (quite a few different ones) in all vehicles they've been in (quite a few different vehicles, vans, trucks, cars) and never had them be incompatible. Some combinations are more difficult than others, some require little tricks to get a good belt install, but never incompatible.

I'm glad we started out with only belt installs (no LATCH in our first vehicles) and got used to it. DH and I have both tried with it with many of our seats, and neither of us can get an install we're comfortable with with it.

Originally Posted by ktmelody View Post
Almost every manual for any car with latch says not to use when the child weighs more than 48 pounds anyways. So if the seat is 20 pounds and the kid is 45 you then reach the 65 pound limit.

Is this info just not well known?
That's true, sorta. It all depended on the vehicle manufacturer what the actual LATCH weight limit was, and now it's being brought into question because of the higher weight limit seats that are available - they weigh considerably more than older seats, which is what the LATCH limits/guidelines were set for.
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