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Quick Buying and Selling on DS Guide

Buying items:
1. Anyone can buy, but it is up to the seller to sell to someone without a FSOT Badge or low post count.
2. Must be able to use Paypal

Selling Items:
1. You are required to have a FSOT Sellers Badge to sell or to use ISO
2. Price all of your items
3. We strongly suggest pictures especially pictures of flaws in the diapers to help seller and buyer be on the same page.
4. ONE THREAD PER SECTION all extras will be deleted

Sold Items:
1. When an item sells Grey or Strike out item in your list
2. When all items are sold type DE LETE in first or last post. This way your thread will be moved promptly to the sold/traded/gone section

Other info:
1. Your items get 60 days from last bump before moved to S/T/G
2. All items in S/T/G will be locked

If you have any questions please pm a mod
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