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Re: Grovia LOVERS come in!

Originally Posted by indigosmama View Post
I just got my first GroVias the other day (bought the old prints for discount) and after trying them on DS, I was so impressed that I bought 3 more. Then I prepped the 2 I had and used them ASAP, and I was sooooooooo amazed!!

THEY ABSORB LONGER THAN HIS BULKY FITTEDS!!!! I can't even believe it. I checked him after 2 hrs, still didn't even feel relatively wet inside his diaper. After 3 I changed him, and there had not been a leak, nor did his diaper feel very wet. He usually asks for a change (he is 2) and this time I practically had to force him!

I love how trim they are. I love that DS is not reacting to them like he has reacted to all PUL thus far. I haven't used one overnight so I don't know how well they would last that long...I usually use a fitted with wool overnight.

Am I completely insane for having the urge to sell everything except a few fitteds and get ALL GROVIAS?????

Originally Posted by Glendoramomma View Post
My 8 month old twins in their Grovias.
OMG sooo cute!
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