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Re: Grovia LOVERS come in!

Originally Posted by rae0701 View Post
Question for the experts! I have 3 Grovia shells with only 6 of the snap in soakers. In an effort to get more use out of them and save some moolah, I'd like to get some prefold's and use them in the shells (will probably just tri-fold them).

I'm brand new to the prefold game. My chunk is 7 weeks and 14+ lbs. What prefold's are you using in your Grovia shells? I understand sized prefold's would probably work best, but which brand/size do you suppose would work the best, and give me the most room to grow? I've been looking at GMD in medium and medium wide.

What do you think?
You can wait a few weeks and get Grovia size 2 from the seconds sale (assuming they have them and that shipping to your location won't be outrageous).
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