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Re: Cost break down of any system for less than $400, including organic options

I always wanted to try wool and cotton (flats and fitteds), but thought this option would be way beyond our budget. However, I found this site with an amazingly easy pattern and have been able to make my little gal three longies and three shorties from three 100% wool thrifted sweaters that I got for $2 each! If I had made them single instead of double layered, I could have gotten six shorties out of the sweaters!
I also made some fitteds using cotton material I had leftover from making simple gift bags (yeah, I'm not a seamstress so my projects are super simple ). I didn't add all the layers, just a front and a back and some elastic, so I could use a pad-folded flat as the absorbent part so everything would wash and dry more easily. Also didn't add Velcro because I wanted to make them as one-size as possible. I made the tabs longer so I could pin them, and I could fold down the front til baby gets a little bigger.
I also made cloth wipes from $2 a yard cotton fleece. Sewed them up like little pillowcases, but closed all around. One yard was plenty for me.
Lastly, I got my flats from Walmart for $1 each in the kitchen section. They're really flour sack towels, sold in 5-packs for $5. I got four packs for a total of $20.
So all told, my diaper stash cost me less than what I've ever heard of anyone being able to diaper with...$30. (I already had the extra cotton and elastic for the fitteds; if you had to buy that of course that would cost more, but you could definitely get it all for $20 on the cheap! And I will need to make more covers as baby grows, but those are cheap, and fast to make.) Cloth diapering doesn't have to cost much! It does take a little creativity and sewing, but may I emphasize that I didn't learn to sew until recently and I did so on a borrowed machine. So, I'm just saying I'm not a great seamstress and there's nothing magical about it. I was just determined to cloth diaper. Hoping this could help/inspire some other moms out there who would like/need a very inexpensive (and cute, might I add! ) option.
This is my first post on diaper swappers! Glad to find this forum and all the great info!
Ok, just got a message that I can't post links. So for the above patterns, google how to make a wool diaper cover (born to love site), and how to make a fitted diaper (Diana's journal).
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