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Re: Homemade Granola

Originally Posted by kimdo View Post
My recipe sort of resembles most of these, unfortunately I never measure, but I use canola oil instead of butter adn heat it up in a small sauce pan with the honey so that I can mix them together before I mix them in with the oats (I also use ground nuts, flax seed, sesame seed in mine -- kids dont like "chunks") and cinnamon and vanilla when I remember to put it in. I bake on cookie sheets for about an hour at 300 turning (stirring/ fliping with spatula!) every 20 min or so. If I do it any hotter, the granola tends to burnor at least darken too much b/c of honey's sugar content. good luck, it is a great way to save$$$
Could you share any ballpark quantities? I've been looking for a recipe that uses canola since there are dairy/soy allergies in the family.
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