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Re: Allergies suck

Originally Posted by NYCVeg View Post
I'm right there with you, sister. My dd is almost 7, and she has never been able to eat a piece of regular cake or pizza at a birthday party. She's never been able to eat out a restaurant. She recently cried all the way home from her sports team's holiday party, because, the way it was set up, it was not safe for her to participate in the dinner at all.

Some days I think about what a brave, responsible, and empathetic little girl she is because of her allergies, but some days it just SUCKS.
Yeah. Anything that has come up we have been able to work around so far. Sometimes we don't figure it out until after but she always knows that we will do something instead. She has cupcakes in the freezer for parties and i always bring safe versions of whatever they have at parties- we've been lucky that most have been at homes rather than food places. Food parties at school last year the teacher would wait until an hour before pick up time to have the food. She would get to participate in all the games and stuff and then I pick her up and get her something special to eat. I have always made safe substitutes. This year I am there for all food events and responsible for at least half the food. She has a friend that wants her to come over but her mom is concerned about dd's safety so said no. no biggie the friend can come over here. We've skipped partied but went to the children's museum instead. This is the first time I can't do anything about it. She want to see the animals do tricks- thats what she told me when i said we can go to the zoo instead. the zoo animals don't do tricks. So I told her we'd go to sea world. I might try and find a circus dvd and see if that makes her happy.
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