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Re: ****January**** Chicken Moma chat thread. Join in the chat!

Originally Posted by ctj101502 View Post
hi guys, have lurked for a while. we h have 23 hens 3 Rios and a lonely duck, h his late got destroyed by a snmapping turtle.... we are cold and snowy here, only 1 egg yesterday, had kids dust them today, not sure were sudden extreme drop in eggs, . was about 8-10 since cooler weather, dh put up a large tarp over run so I wonder if that is partial issue.
does any one use a bucket with nipples and a warmer to prevent freezing? it hardly gets emptied . and I wonder also if the issue is water related since pond froze this last week and they usually drink from the pond. water come s out of the nipples and I see them dribbling, but only gets half empty after nearly a week.
Jump right on in! It's the time of year that most of our hens are going to take a break from laying either from short daylight hours, moulting, or just plain COLD! However, like Sarah, I think there is a water issue and with no water, they won't lay. My hens can empty a 5 gal waterer in 3 days and I only have 15. Either yours don't know HOW to use the nipple waterer or don't want to. I would put another source of water down and quickly, like tonight. Most of our hens are going to increase their uptake of water due to less fresh forage as well and more dry pellets. There's a tut for a cheap water warmer here for a regular waterer: and here is a tut for a cheap big waterer like I use:
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