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Re: Children really close together

My last 3 are all 21-23 mos apart. I tend to get pregnant right around their 1st b-day whether I want to or not! LOL I've been on BC the last 2 times and its just what my body wanted I guess! My 3rd and 4th were 23 mos apart and it was a great age. My almost 2yr old LOVED his baby brother more than any toy in the world! He kissed him constantly, almost to the point of being annoying! At my 3rd DS' 3rd b-day party I suspected I was pregnant and sure enough... I was!! My 4th and 5th were 21 mos apart and that wasn't too bad either. I was lucky enough to potty train the big brothers shortly after 2.5yrs so we only had 2 in dipes for a short time. Now we use CDs so its not a biggy anyway! LOL I would love another baby, but I think it would be craziness if I did! I think money and space is the only thing stopping us now! Why not 7, 8 or 9?? LOL We're talking about waiting a little longer and then deciding. CDing definatly plays a part in wanting to have another baby!! They're just soooooooooo cute!!!
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