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Re: Children really close together

Dom will be (probably) 22 months or so when the girls are born. We STARTED ttc when he was 6 months old, LOL, and succeeded when he was about 15 months old - so I was right there where you are! I don't think you're crazy - and I have talked DH into #4 already, I just don't think there will be enough time to get pg for awhile, LOL.
I don't know how I'll feel about not giving him enough time to be a baby, yet. I had a breakdown a couple weeks ago crying because he wouldn't get to spend any time with me, but I think I feel doubly bad since I know he'll have to be shoved off onto someone else a lot more often with two babies than one. I do feel bad, but my DH said "It's too late now" and he's right - I'll just focus on the fact that when they get older they'll have each other (if they want, LOL) and that will be enough for me.
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