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Re: SAHMs:What do you DO with your LOs all day?

My son has to entertain himself a lot because I work from home on the weekdays. I still take a lot of time to sit down and read to him, tickle him, chase him, play with him, etc. And he loves to go outside, so we usually do that a lot, too. I will just sit in the walkway to our house and he will wander around the yard and point at things. We go to parks with our mommy group and with daddy when he is home.

He honestly loves just running back and forth in the house. I put everything away that he could hurt himself on and let him have at it. Some days he is great and happy to play alone, other days he clings to my leg all day. He may not get the same constant interaction that he would get at daycare, but he gets mommy's attention any time he needs it, lots of love and snuggles all day long, and I get to see him growing up. I don't miss anything and I am so grateful for that.
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