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A few questions about GMD prefolds and other stuff...

Okay, here goes. Hopefully I don't have TOO many questions in this post! I have a great stash of softbums and pods/inserts but after my post yesterday about containing the NB EBF poo, I think I want to try some GMD prefolds with a cover. So....

1. My first 2 kids were 8.7lbs and 7.15lbs at birth. By 6 weeks they were about 11lbs. I'm guessing this baby will be about the same. So, should I get a dozen of the orange and a dozen of the yellow? Or, should I just stick with a couple dozen of the orange, as I can probably use them under my softbum shells, too. I was planning to attemmpt the jelly-roll to help with containment at first. Can I use them in a tri-fold fashion later, even if they go above the weight listed? I know I can always use them as a burp rag or doubler or something. And I know they have great resale value, too.

2. do the thirsties duo have the gussets? I know the Bummis super brite do. I plan on getting 2 wipe-clean covers. Should I get the Bummis super brite (which I am leaning towards) Should I get more than 2? And what size? Should I get newborn or small? I have a feeling we might start out at that inbetween stage.

3. are the pail liners waterproof? Does it matter?

4. has anyone used any of the products for creating a wipes solution, or the Grovia stick for rash prevention?

I think that's it...for now...Thanks so much! Everyone here has ALWAYS kindly answered all my questions. I feel like I am already obsessed with CDing and I haven't even started yet!
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