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Re: potty training an old 4 year old

Of my 6 kids, they ranged in potty learning from 19mo to almost 5 years. I didn't do anything different with any of them, but I admit that I was getting a little worried at almost 5! I think they will do it when they're ready, but I must tell you my almost 5 year old had a speech delay as well. He 16 now and completely normal with girlfriends, homework and everything else. I do notice he's a little particular and opinionated and loves to be in control of things. I wonder if it was his demeaner that made him on the later side. He couldn't control communication, bed, his siblings, what was for dinner and so on, but when and where he went was something he could. Maybe he was just holding onto that control when he thought he didn't have any. Good luck to you and know that your guy is fine and you are too. It will happen.
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