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Re: Is pinto beans and cornbread a meal?

If that aint a meal, i dont know what is! my grandma fixed beans nearly every day when i was growing up. she would start them by 9 in the morning, and they would be ready for dinner, when the farm crew would start coming in.

I cant believe nobody has mentioned hocks yet. we love ham hocks cooked in our beans. its the very end portion of the shank on a ham. they're kind of hard to find in a grocery store sometimes, but since we butcher our own livestock, we've got plenty. dh doesnt like brown beans and its a real downer for me b/c theres really no point in me making them if he's not going to help me eat them. sometimes we invite friends over for beans/cornbread anyway, and he fixes himself a sandwich.

hambeans (yes, its all one word around here), cornbread, fried taters, a glass of cold milk and a piece of chocolate cake. it doesnt really get much better than that.
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