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Re: What can I do for my out of town friends with micropremie twins?

Originally Posted by ChelseaGirl7 View Post
I would think gift cards would still be appreciated. You could do gift cards for food, baby items (target or baby stores), gas (for driving to and from the hospital), or stuff for mom.

The things that I can think of that you want to avoid saying would be first, "your so lucky you didn't have to go through the last few months of pg", or something similar to this. Also I would avoid asking if they know when the babies will come home. This is similar to asking a pg women who is past her edd if she has had that baby yet. And honestly, if the statement starts with "at least", you may want to rethink it.
That's all I can think of right now. It is great that you thought of asking this.
I agree with Chelseagirl7. Giftcards for those categories are excellent. Being far away it would be difficult to provide a home cooked meal for the family, but maybe there is delivery service for local restaurants in their area?
The worst thing people asked was "when will baby come home". I didn't really know the answer to that question & felt so helpless when having to respond to that. I was asked it so many times, it was awful. Positive support, prayer & love is the best gift.
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