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Originally Posted by silvaheyes

She was given a way to contact them. She came back saying they didn't respond so I asked her to clarify and it turned out she had written down the information wrong. So if she still has it wrong or not, who knows. I gave her the right information twice already.

As for contact between us and Sam, we're putting an end to it. She is more than welcome to hire a lawyer and we'd be more than happy to talk to them if she does. However we're not playing these games. Instead of being a mature adult and coming to us so we could work something out if she did indeed have issues with contacting the family, she came onto a public forum and posted lies about us then twisted events and what was said to fit her cause. We want no part in it.

We've been nothing but nice to her. I explained everything to her in detail and this is what we were met with. As a parent I understand but there are ways to handle yourself and these types of situations without airing everyones business on a public forum and incorrectly doing so at that.

The family WAS alerted to this thread so what they choose to do with it is up to them. I can't say what they will or won't do as I am not them and that isn't my decision. I do know however if it were ME in this position I'd be wary and be on lock down. If she is going to come to a public forum and say/do all this to us, what do you think she is going to do to them when they do or say something she doesn't like or agree with?
Was it you who alerted them?
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