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Re: Toddler constipation, please help!

Originally Posted by mrscompgeek View Post
My daughter has chronic constipation. She is almost 4. However, she has kidney problems and kidney problems and constipation go hand in hand. If she doenst poop, its harder on her kidneys to work correctly. We give her Miralax twice a week so she doesnt get backed up. Dr said its totally fine and that its not habit forming. We also have a herbal formula from our herbalist called "LB". Its a liquid from Natures sunshine. Its a natural laxative, we do give it to her occasionally as well.
Unfortunetly for us, Miralax is the only thing that works. She is on a daily probiodic and we've tried prunes, pears, Flaxseed shakes, high fiber diet, etc. . Miralax is the only thing that works.
Thank you. The Little Tummies laxative main ingredient is senna which is the same main ingredient that's in the Nature's Sunshine product you give your little one. It is seeming to be less effective over time with my little one. Does your lo poop every day?
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