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Poop containment crisis!

So I wasn't paying to close of attention to DD as she ran around playing. I knew she would need to go pee soon so I kept asking her"do you need to go potty" and she'd just run away.
So here I am fiddling with the comp and I turn around and there is a poop nugget on the floor! "Oh no to the potty quick quick!" So I get her on the potty and I don't want her to grab the nugget so I run to get a tissue. As I come out of the bathroom she is standing over the potty and still pooping! ACK! "let's sit on the potty to go poop" She proceeds to throw a huge fit and stands back up (still pooping mind you) and the poo manage to go out and down the side of the potty onto the floor....the carpeted floor of course.
Luckily there is another potty right next to us so I can get her on that one and get her a little calmed down so I can pick up the big turd on the floor. She freaks out again so I get her off and wipe her up and put her in a PF just in case.
What a circus!!!! She pooped full on the floor yesterday! I need a vacation and to pay closer attention
Hope you find my crazy day a little amusing.....I did.
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