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Re: Moving back!

Originally Posted by sparkly_vagabond View Post
This sounds exactly like us right now. I am the preschool teacher I bring the (almost) 2 yr old and 4 yr old with me and our 5 yr old often comes over to play... needs a break from all the 'big kid' learning.
Then the other half of the day I sub in for the aides that generally don't show for work. And recently I subbed for the cook... it was a disaster
We have 8 kids normally but 11 right now (count time... they brought kids in from the 'outside' so that our school would stay open... we will see if it works!).
I am supposed to work 15 hrs a week but I have been working 40+ with preschool, subbing, and helping the hubs out!
I can not wait for Christmas break LOL!

Oh yes, the ever important count day for small schools. There had been talks about closing our school this year, but luckily that did not happen. I am also the "cook", as well as the custodian. LOL. Though we just do a breakfast program and no lunch (kids either bring lunch or go home for lunch).

We have no breaks at all with just DH and I working there (it sounds like it is the same for you too!). But it makes the days and weeks fly by!
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