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Re: My almost 6 y/o is writing on EVERYTHING! I am going bonkers

DS started doing that after DD was born (mostly on walls. but also his table and some toys). I took away ALL writing and drawing utensils, and only let him use a couple of crayons at a time while supervised and then put them away again. I also put my own pens and pencils where he can't get them. I also make him wash whatever he draws on (even if I have to redo it later)

I told him in no uncertain terms that if he does it again, all his crayons, markers, etc are going straight to the trash. I talked to him about respecting our home and all that, and that it would cost us money to have the walls repainted.

At the same time I realize it's one of his ways of adapting to the new baby so I make sure I praise him when he's being very nice and I spend more quality time with him.
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