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Anyone get childcare benefits?

Backstory: DH has had his own production company and has worked 3/4 time for a church. A year ago the church ended and he lost the income from that. Then his two biggest clients downsized and replaced his contract work with student workers. He's been employed for about 29 hours a week with a new church and its slow season for the production business. I've been a SAHM, but recently completed DONA birth doula training and am working on my certification. Once I'm certified (could take 3-12 months depending on quickly my certifying births happen) ill work toward building my practice to two births a month and will be able to add to our income that way. In the meantime, I'm looking to hire a childcare person to watch the kids for one or two 4 hour shifts a week so I can actively work on my certification (reading requirements, writing the essay, building the website, networking to find clients, etc), and to have as my "on call" person to watch the kids when I'm called in for a birth.

I put in our applicaion for SNAP benefits to help us get through this rough patch, and saw that they have a childcare thing. I'm curious if anyone here has used the Employment Related Childcare Expenses benefits and how they work. Do you have a set care provider assigned by the state, or do you get to choose someone you know like a family friend?
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