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Originally Posted by 2queens&1princenmyhouse
Coming at it from a dcp pov, I would attempt to find care with someone who was already certified. From my experience it was more hassle to become certified than it was worth. Plus, paperwork had to be completed in a certain way and payment was delayed many months. If this is a person who is counting on that income, it is difficult to ensure the state pays in a timely manner. This is my experience in MO from several years ago. I checked into it and just couldn't afford to not get paid on time, so I didn't get certified.

In our area, it is mostly centers that are certified to accept children who receive child care benefits.
That makes sense. I'll look around at the options they have and see what I think. I'm sure my kiddos would have a blast wherever they go, but would really love for them to be with someone I know. I was reviewing the paperwork here for OR, and it seems pretty straightforward. We've had quite a bit of interaction with the state aid stuff this past year (which has been very humbling), and I've been impressed with how easy it is to access aid if you just do the paperwork properly and keep your appointments. It may vary from state to state, but it seems like Oregon does a LOT of social services work, especially in our part of town, and things are very streamlined and work smoothly, as long as the aid hasn't run out. Will check into centers as options tomorrow as well.
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