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Is this right?

Tried to wrap with my newbie (5 days), but I don't think I got it quite right. It was a front cross carry. I think the top was too loose, but when I tried to tighten, I couldn't see his face anymore, so I pulled it out a bit so I could see him. He also seemed to be too rolled up, but maybe that's normal for a newbie?

The other thing is that my back started being sore after just a few minutes, but I'm still recovering from a c/s, and I've had a painful back for a few days (oversupply issues as well), so that probably contributed, but still seems like it should've been at least somewhat supportive? Do I need to spread the back better or something?

Gah... I took pics and attached them, and the post failed. But it said the photos were uploaded. Is there any way to retrieve photos I uploaded previously using the ds forum app on an iPhone?
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