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Re: Is this right?

I don't have any of the download answers because I'm new here, but with my oldest, I had the same issues. Once my milk let down (at approx 2-3 days post baby) I couldn't see my baby's face because it would be squished between my boobs. I didn't put him back in the carrier until he was a little older because I was scared I'd smother him... (I went from a B-cup to a DD-cup in less than a day) I was not used to big boobies & wasn't taking any chances with my baby.

Now, I have 3 kids, 18, 20, & 22... I am raising my 20 yr old's daughter... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the moby wrap... She was so colicky and the moby just kept her in the right position & she cuddled into me as if we were one... I am as close to the grand princess as I was to my 3... We bonded so much while she was in the wrap.

Now, as for the back... I had 3 c-sections. My second seemed to come with a horrible back pain. I went to the dr & after a serious of questions, he told me not to be wearing a baby carrier until a couple of weeks after delivery. When grand princess was born, she was born via c-section & I was trying to get the baby's mom to bond with the princess & asked the dr if mom could use the moby wrap. He said the wrap was okay because it distributes the weight of the baby across the shoulders... most of the criss-cross carriers puts stress on the low back which was still healing from pregnacy & the back is connected to all the inside junk they took out while during the c-section...

I am, by far, not a dr/nurse/etc, I am only talking from experience from my children & then from the grand princess' mom...

I just thought I'd give my thoughts because no one else had responded... If none of this makes sense, sorry, princess is on my lap & trying to tell you her two cents.

Good luck.
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