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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Originally Posted by Resellmybelle View Post
Loving all the pics of chicks!

Gimpy = Precious much better name and more indicative of his/her spirit.

Well, for Precious I mixed some chicken starter and dry cat food (recommended on another board I think) in the grinder and have fed it twice today by hand. Was not sure how much to feed, that is a little disturbing, I felt his crop to make sure it wasn't too full. He just had his dinner and he seems much more at peace than this time last night.

Ya'll are not going to believe this, but on his "good foot" the one that isn't broken, he is missing his last section on his middle toe. No toe nail or anything. LOL. So, he has to hop around on that ONE foot, which happens to be the one minus a strong middle toe! Oh my, ISSUES.

BTW, He loves his heating pad!!!

I do not want to buy expensive hand feeding food right now. I did that before and only used a little and it was wasted.

Any other nutritious treats to feed her, like eggs or something? I don't know what it is, but I really feel like the hand feeding is going to be the success. Wish I had asked for help sooner.
I'm so glad to hear Precious is doing a little better. Do you have a post or food scale you could use to make sure there is progress? Also, be sure just to use a little catfood, don't want to much protein. I'm also doing finly chopped scrambled eggs for Patients. she really likes them. I wouldn't have been able to buy the hand feeding mix, but I had some leftover. The chick starter has so much of what they need right now. A bit more nutrients, protein, and taste from the catfood and it's pretty close to the stuff you buy. It's a good idea to offer it dry too. I just don't mix that jar as fine and offer it as food.
Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
Glad to hear he/she? is doing better Michelle. I would think you cold just soak regular mash feed and add water until it's soupy? I don't know though, I have never done it so don't go on my opinion. LOL

Sarah how's patience doing?

So just when I think we've had our share of crap this year, Dh called me and MIL and FIL had to put their last horse down. Joy was 30 and had been around most of dh's life. She was bucking and acting fine and FIL decided to take her on a ride since she was feeling so good. No sooner did he get out the front gate that she seized and fell throwing him in the street. She never got up. They think she may have had a stroke. I think I'm done with 2012, y'all. DONE.
Oh no Liz, is DH ok??!! Did he hit the pavment or get a leg smushed or anything? Would he speak up about being hurt? Poor guy. Just trying to take her for some fun. Even old horses like to still ride and feel usefull. Poor gal. It's been a really crappy year all around for everyone hasn't it.
Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
OH my gosh you guys, look at this guy's chickens.. the project colors. No I fully admit I am not a fan of the orpingtons available here in the states. They are squatty and their face looks almost deformed. But I lurrrrvveee the ones in the UK. I would die to have some of his silver chocolate birds. WOW
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