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Re: Questions for those who DO NOT use bottles.....

Originally Posted by e_roehm23 View Post
So, dd is 6.5 mos and we have had an uphill battle nearly every step of the way. Over the last month, she has really been preferring the bottle over the boob There have been 4-5 day stretches where I could get her back on the breast, but then it is back to the bottle. I have just come to the point where I'm ready to give up the bottle and only nurse, but have a few questions.

1.) What do I do if she gets sick and doesn't want to nurse?
2.) What do I do if she goes on a nursing strike?
3.) What do I do if my supply cannot keep up with her demand?
~we have had ptt/ulp clipped but still having problems, shallow latch/tongue thrust, and weak suck. plus most of the time she will only nurse on the right side.
~I'm currently taking Fenugreek 3xs 620mg & getting started on Blessed Thistle & Alfalfa; considering Domperidone; also pumping every 2-3 hours to increase supply
For what it's worth, DD is 11 months and has never taken a bottle.
1. She nurses more when she is sick. There has been a day or two when she was too stuffed up to nurse. I just offered as much as possible and pumped if I got too full to avoid plugged ducts. I have tried giving her a sippy cup but she didn't want that either, so we just stuck with offering as much as possible, especially after suctioning her nose.

2. Never had a nursing strike. If she did, I'd offer a cup.

3. I would think your supply would keep up better when she's nursing rather than pumping and drinking from a bottle. If for some reason it didn't, I'd just pump in addition to nursing, but not offer a bottle. Maybe just build up a back-up stash
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