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Re: Questions for those who DO NOT use bottles.....

1. My LO is 16 months old and she's never drank from a bottle. (We tried 2-3 times and she wouldn't go for it so I never tried again). She's gotten the occasional cold and did fine with nursing. It's easier for a baby to nurse than drink from a bottle when sick.

2. My LO has yet to have one, and if I *thought* she did it was for a 3-4 hour period, if that

3. Your body will catch up. That's the beauty of supply and demand and the way your body works.

I wonder, not sure if it would be helpful, but since you said your DD prefers it to be "semi-full" would maybe be to start with the pump until you let down then latch her on? I know some women can't feel their let down but if you are one who can (like me) then it might work.

Also what pp said about IBCLC/LLL are good places to start.

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