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Re: Questions for those who DO NOT use bottles.....

I suction out noses and nurse. So far havnt had any issues with them not nursing at all. They may not as much when sick but they have never fully refused. I havnt ever had a child that was just boob go on a nursing strike when bottles are involved im sure it different.

Since you are not really sure how your lo will do without the bottle you need to watch output. Wet diapers need to be what you focus on when giving up the bottle to make sure they are getting enough.

I would recommend a nurse in. Try to spend as much of the day laying around nursing and offering the breast to help boost your supply and get your lo nursing. Dont offer the bottle just the breast. It will prob be very stressful the first few days since you are break a bottle habit but should get better once you get threw those first couple days.

I have a tongue tied baby who had 3 spots done and a very crummy latch. Hang in there mama your doing great!
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