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Re: now I'm nervous I killed my supply

Thanks mamas. I'm just so nervous not having done this before. Then getting used to such an awesome supply to going to having no clue what I'm producing. He's pooping the same, maybe a tad more, and is soaking his diapers now. He nursed at least 8 times yesterday. He usually nurses around 10 or 11pm, and then once more through the night before 7:30am, either 2:30am or 4am. We typically get a good 4-5 hour stretch of sleep at some point.

I don't think he's quite cluster feeding. He'll act hungry but then only stay on for a minute if that, get super fussy, and then stay fussy for a bit, but refuse the breast for more than a minute or two. Then he'll either calm down and sleep and then nurse like normal or repeat everything once or twice. He was better last night though. I think I may be trying to get him to nurse when he doesn't want to.

Ihave noticed he's not really a comfort nurser. He eats ad then falls asleep or wants off. He likes his paci for sucking. I don't think he can suck on the breast without getting a mouthful of milk. Is that okay as long ashe's nursing at least 8 times a day?

I'm going to a BF gathering today and I can weight him there to make sure he's gaining. FX!

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