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Amazing, simply amazing...

I just have to brag that I have the MOST AMAZING parents in the entire world. They had told us that they would purchase the changing table for Baby L's room when the time came to getting it. We ended up deciding that we were just going to use the top of the dresser as a changing table, with a pad (of course), because the bedroom is not very large...we then agreed with my parents that we would just split the cost of the dresser since it was more pricey than just the changing table.

Well, I just got a a text message while at work tonight from my mom informing me that she just ordered our dresser for us and they aren't allowing us to give them money for half of it!!! I also just have to say as well as being AMAZING, she's crazy! I work midnights and I got the text at 2am...apparently her inability to sleep causes her to spend money! Lol.

I think she is just BEYOND excited for this little baby...she had been telling my bf and I that we needed to finally get married and have a baby for years now! I think she's in shock that the baby part is actually happening
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