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Re: s/o If you used donated breastmilk

I was only able to get donor milk once. The mama that donated to my son had given birth a few weeks prior and had a big oversupply. she gave me some extra that she had pumped during her oversupply.

How did you do it? My midwife contacted me and told me a mama of hers had some extra milk. I had been trying to find donor milk via Human Milk 4 Human Babies, Eats on Feets and Milkshare with no luck.

Were you SAH/on maternity leave at the time? WOH? Was it mailed to you? Did you drive to meet the donor? How far/how much time? How often? How long did you continue to receive it? I was, and am still, a SAHM. The mama gave her milk to my midwife, who I met up with at her home, about 30 minutes from mine. I was only able to receive donor milk once.

Was it fresh or frozen? Frozen

How was your donor screened? By you or a company? If you did it personally, what did you find out and how did you verify it? I met her through our midwife, who of course did the blood tests during pregnancy. I was not concerned that her milk was dangerous in any way.

And whereabouts (what part of the country and rural or urban) did you live when you were doing this? South Florida, urban.

I've never done it myself and have only read about how it's supposed to work, but I'd like to hear real stories from real people. We're supposed to go for someone else's breastmilk before resorting to formula and I want to know how easy it really is to procure. In my experience, it is NOT easy to procure.
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