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Re: Large big r they?

Originally Posted by Kabuki24 View Post
That's pretty funny!

Did you show him the Monster print?

Yeah, I think they could be used as a trainer at night.
Yes i liked that one too! Funny thing is i dont like girly stuff at all. My daughter wears more non-pink than pink for sure. But ds has a thing for pink. I dont care, it certainly doesnt bother me but personally i wouldnt pick out a diaper with a butterfly on it..not even for dd. hes 3 now but not in school so no one has let him in on the "pink is for girls" thing yet . I coerced him into saying he liked the dinos bc i liked that one so i went with that. I hope it fits. Hes pretty tall. It was realllllly cheap bc i had the giftcard so i figured its worth a shot. Hes potty trained but still wets the bed at night. I can update when it gets here.
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