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What do you do with the stuff?

Ugh, I have piles/boxes/bins of stuff in the basement, some that I’ve been meaning to go through for over a year now. When I “clean up” the counter clutter from the main floor of the house, really it’s just getting moved to the basement where it sits. You know these stuff piles—little odds and ends that we got as a prize somewhere or as a favor at a party, random gifts we don’t need or want, the myriad plastic cups and water bottles that accumulate and aren’t recyclable, etc, etc. it’s the stuff that’s not suitable for resale or even donation, but surely must be useful to someone, somewhere, and I have gulit about just tossing it in the trash.

What do y’all do with the junk piles? Do you toss them with a clear conscience? I just need to clear stuff out and am starting to fantasize about dumping bins of accumulated odds and ends into those big black contractor bags, putting them out with the trash, and never looking back. I think I’m looking for absolution lol.
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