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Re: Favorite Raw Recipes?

I have been slowly moving in that direction as well I've looked at various recipes, and experimented somewhat - but so far, I am actually just liking a lot of things plain, and a lot of the raw recipes I've tried seem like too much effort to bother with. A month or two ago I could NOT eat plain raw avocado. Now, I am actually enjoying it! Same with things like baked butternut squash. It is great plain now. I mostly just mix up vegetables and experiment with different types of salads. Tonight I had a mix of sliced celery, avocado, mushrooms (I did cook the mushrooms in coconut oil) and quinoa (cooked) and I did add a little bit of salt & pepper. I'm not sure of the proper combinations though so I should probably look into that too.

I do really like guacomole and chocolate avocado pudding as well as banana "ice cream". I've tried a couple of raw pie crusts with nuts, but I find they use a LOT of nuts and maple syrup or honey and it's easy too eat way too much. I also do like to juice; I usually just juice organic carrots though but sometimes I'll try other combinations (yesterday I had carrot & Romaine lettuce juice and it looked gross, but it was drinkable and 'not bad' and last week I did carrot-celery-apple and it was good.) I like to shred cabbage and lettuce sometimes; sometimes they're easier to eat that way. Another thing I'd like to try eventually is a spiralizer... I did zucchini "spaghetti" with a peeler and it was pretty good.
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