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Re: What do you think???? TTC related

Originally Posted by Fuzzi Fannies Creations
Charting does not work for me. I am up at 3 am , 5 am and 6 am to let my daycare kids in and put them back to bed. I just cannot chart that way.. and hate doing it..


Well...I can't help with hating it, lol, but i just wanted to say that you could always use your 3am waking to chart from....assuming you get a few hours consecutive sleep before your 3am waking....that could be an ideal time to dont have to chart at 7 am or whatever...just any CONSISTENT time where you have had several hours of sleep first....if you consistently get up at 3, there is no reason not to chart then.
Of course..this is all pretty moot now, LOL!

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