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Re: flying with a 3mo old?

Originally Posted by CurlyQ215 View Post
If I were in your shoes, I would check the car seat (well padded) and simply carry your baby. The first time we flew, we just used a carrier, but I had my husband to lug our carry ons. The 2nd time, I was alone, and I was glad for the stroller (that I gate checked) so I could wear my baby and put my heavy old backpack in the stroller. Bonus - you CAN wear your baby through security in a carrier - so, so much easier. They just have to do a quick swab of your hands afterward to make sure you don't have explosive residue on them.

Also, bring shot records or a birth certificate copy so you can verify her age. Some airlines are picky about this even if the baby isn't even remotely close to 2 years of age!
I have always had to remove the baby from the carrier through security. Even a sleeping newborn had to removed.

Tell the airline you are travelling with an infant and ask about a bassinet, which would mean you would have a bulkhead seat. Even if it is a short hop, a bassinet is nice because it gives you a place to put the baby down if you haven't a seat spared next to you. Changing a diaper in an airplane bathroom can be done, but a bassinet is far easier.
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