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Separated Amniotic Sac?

Last week I went to the ER and was told I had had a subchorionic hemorrhage but that the baby was fine and it looked like the bleeding would heal itself. No more bleeding as of now. Yesterday I went for my 12 week check up with my regular OB and she couldn't find a heartbeat so wheeled in an US to look. Baby was fine and kicking, but she showed the med student that my sac was separated in 2 by a line and something about the yolk sac being outside. She didn't make a big deal of it so I didn't ask any questions but now I want to know what she was talking about. The only things I can find online are about twins, since we only saw one baby and she didn't say anything about me maybe loosing a twin I assume it doesn't apply. It also didn't look like amniotic bands or anything like that. Has anyone else ever had this? Or know what it is?
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