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Re: how old for snap circuit

I think it really depends on the child. My son got them this past Christmas. He was 6.5. He still needs help, so my husband or 11yr old DD work on it with him. One word of caution...we bought the wall plug so we didn't have to use batteries. This isn't a super good idea unless an adult helps or the child understands well. There is a 6v connection and a 12v (I think those are the numbers). If it should be plugged into the 6v but the child plugs it into the 12v, it will blow out the light bulb or whatever you're working with. Even my 11 yr old, after being told, didn't get this and we have a couple messed up pieces. My son was very excited to get his kit, but has only worked with it a handful of times. Maybe when he gets older...or maybe he's just not that kind of kid?!?
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