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Re: Donating Freezer Stash

Always wonderful to hear about mamas donating! It's such a blessing to those of us who need it. My baby was also in the nicu (for 8 weeks) but despite pumping constantly, as well as taking More Milk Plus, Goats Rue, GoLacta, and placenta capsules, drinking tons of water and eating tons of oatmeal... I made about 8 oz total over 13 days and then was completely dry. Since my baby couldn't really eat for a while (mostly IVs at the beginning) I actually fed him on just my milk for the first 3 weeks. After that he got 5 weeks of hospital provided donor milk. He came home to a full freezer of milk generously donated by a couple very dear friends. During the next 10 months he drank over 4,000 oz of donated milk! Thank you to anyone who donates, whether to friends or strangers, hospitals or individuals. It's a blessing to those who receive. <3
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