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Re: 3D/4D Ultra sounds....

They try to get me a shot (3D) every time I go in for an appointment and ultrasound (every two weeks or so). Doesn't cost me any more $ than my regular appointments would. I guess that's just my Dr. and situation, though. I think they're cool, but creepy, LOL. This last one I got of baby A was at 26 weeks and she looks like an alien, LOL. I have a good one from about 24 weeks (baby B, though) that looks less alien-ish. I think this last one was because of how she was positioned. I think they're super cool, and a lot of people are really glad they did them! I suggest it if you want to try!!
You can kind of see her head in the upper left corner and some of her body. That one was the better one of baby B.
This one my DH calls the alien shot, LOL. This is baby A and both of her hands are on her face - I think she was having a bad day, we couldn't get a better shot, LOL.
Ohh, sorry they're both kinda fuzzy, LOL

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