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Re: WAP, Nourishing Traditions, GAPS Support thread, February 2012

Originally Posted by Scarlett's mommy View Post
ok i know that this is an old thread but its the most recent i could find. my dh was just diagnosed with ibs and i was reading on the winston a price website that using these principals might help with that and came here because i remembered reading this thread a long time ago and was wondering why there hasnt been a new thread in so long lol. im going to order the nourishing traditions cook book in the next few weeks.
It is overwhelming at first. I've been trying to eat more and more this way but it's been at least a year & I'm still not there yet. You might want to try one thing at a time. What I've done so far is learn to make homemade sauerkraut, soak all grains, nuts & beans & to make bone broth. The cookbook nourishing traditions has good recipes for all of these or you can search online. I've also found a source to buy raw milk and grass-fed meat. I think that any of those things would be a good place to start to help with IBS.
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