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Re: Poo AND detergent smell ugh!!!

Originally Posted by xocen View Post
I have pockets, aios, prefolds, inserts, fitteds, covers ALL types and I have rinsed by hand before washing. not hard at all. time consuming yes but it's not costly and doesn't take 40 minutes. I've heard not so great things about tide and cd. we use oxyclean baby which says on the box it's cd safe. it's sold at target. as for crunchiness, line dry and fluff in the dryer for a few minutes to bring back softness!
I agree with the rinsing... Tide is very well liked in the CD world. Its not for all but its is one of the top detergents. Oxyclean isn't a detergent it is just a booster though. At least all the ones I can get here are I do remember they once did make an actual detergent. Haven't seen it in years though.
OP a few suggestions I dont advocated to little detergent but as you now have a water softner maybe a little less will be more, are you able to see how the water is during the rinse cycles? Crunchy diapers especially in prefolds for me has always meant too much detergent.
As for bleach what is DH issue? if its the wear and tear (whch isn't an issue) consider using the Clorox ultimate care bleach.. It wont have the same disinfecting properties but it does still help the detergent it tackles odor well and helps stuff to rinse out better.

Also consider using a wet pail add 1/2 cup vinager to a 1/2 filled or so pail of cool water.. Usig a mesh type liner really helps if you wet pail. Put any solids into the toilet before putting into pail of course.
You'll still need to dry pail covers/pockets

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