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Re: JuneBugs July Chat

Thanks Elena No more blood this morning, just a tiny tiny bit of brown. I can handle that. I still feel so hormones are there and I swear I feel the baby move every now and then! I hate not knowing, kwim? But in my heart I believe I am fine and so is baby. I think I will try to get an appt when we get back with the new midwife to try and listen for the heart. I just want the reassurance. But then again, I know I would worry more and more if she can't find it. It seems like they would have been able to tell me at the hospital u/s if there was a sch but maybe not I hope that is all it is and it is resolving itself. I will keep you posted.

Honestly I think that your DH has a problem. I think this because:
1. he used to and you know about it.
2. you have caught him in the more recent past
3. he deletes his history (why would he if he had nothing to hide)
4. he is into it even when you are having a hard time right now

You need to confront him I think. It is not good for you or your marriage to keep it bottled inside. I can't imagine if DH had a secret like that from me. That is NOT ok here either! I know he has watched/had magazines in the past, but he hasn't looked at that stuff since I met him (that I know of) Maybe sit down with him and just tell him that you know that he has been looking at the stuff and you are hurt by it. Make sure he knows you are serious about this. Make sure he knows you do not approve (though he already knows that or he wouldn't hide it) but tell him that. It's hard I bet, but it needs to happen. Don't just silently be mad/upset with him. And don't let him make stupid excuses like the last time and brush it off again. for you too. Gosh, I wish you were closer, or at least in the same country! I would definitely make our trip route include you.
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