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Writing ideas for 8 year old?

My son is in 2nd grade. He has always had a little difficulty keeping up at public school but with the work we do at home he does pretty good. The last two years his main problem areas had been math and paying attention. With some miquon to supplement and some sensory interventions (mainly all ideas I got from here) he is doing great this year in both areas. He's one of the strongest math students!

Now I need all of you to work uour magic again with ideas to help him with writing. They are working on writing more of a paragraph. I love books or websites that walk me through it, at least at first.

His reading comprehension isn't great unless it is something he is really interested in. I'm not as worried about this since he can read and he can comprehend somewhat. But, any suggestions for comprehending boring info would be appreciated. I have him resell me things or ask his opinion on things right now.
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