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My bumbo has no straps either. And I just realized that my babies will be 6 weeks tomorrow and I have yet to do official tummy time! I'm too scared to put them on the floor, lol. They have great head control, and often sleep on their belly on me, so I think we're good! So funny how things change from your first...
The swing and bouncers are lifesavers for me. I don't feel bad about a little bit of time in there, esp if it means I get a shower or food
I will admit I feel a bit guilty leaving them in their carseats on the rare occasion that we go out. I don't wear them nearly a much as my others. What if I only wear one, and it's always the same one? Will they be more attached? Will the other subconsciously be jealous later? I'm half joking...
Dr appt tomorrow to determine if Adella has a tongue tie or other problem in her mouth. Not much else going on here. Lots of laundry, and I canned 15 jars of strawberry jam, oh and did the dishes for the first time in about four months! And now I know DH CAN do dishes, lol!
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