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I know a lady who had one twin who always wanted to be held and one perfectly happy in the car seat/swing/bouncer. Just personality.

Alie has excellent head control at 2 months. I don't have a bumbo but I usually start exersaucer type stuff around 4 months. I think if I put her in a bumbo she wouldn't be able to support her upper body and would be too slouchy.

Now that she's bigger its way easier to do legs out in the Moby (kangaroo hold??). Easier to adjust and tighten after babies in.

Found 2 small Booroi covers I'm trading for. Excited about that and the GAD. I've sold off a ton of nb stuff and made enough for DD1s lasts months tuition for the school year. Have some more stuff posted so hoping to make enough to fund more covers if I like either of these
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